Mindfulness Partners

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Early Childhood Development

Zero to Three focuses on providing children with the experiences they need to develop and fulfill their potential, as well as providing parents with the tools and education they need to provide those experiences. Delaware Changing Lives works with many local partners and collaborators to make breakthroughs and spread awareness about Zero to Three.


Since 2017, Delaware Changing Lives has been creating meaningful relationships with Delaware’s schools to bring mindfulness to at-risk student populations. Delaware Changing Lives has worked with elementary, middle and high schools in several school districts across the state and is continuing to expand.


Delaware Changing Lives’ mindfulness stress reduction training has been helping professionals and volunteers who serve children, adolescents, and adults living throughout Delaware learn stress management skills so that they can be more present in the services and support they provide. In addition, these helpers become equipped to share mindful practices with the populations they serve.


Since 2017, Delaware Changing Lives has been working to transform the lives of veterans by providing simple, step-by-step mindfulness training to aid in reducing combat-related stress and post-traumatic stress.

Mental Health

Delaware Changing Lives has been working with the DE Department of Health and Social Services (HSS), Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health (DSAMH) to train mental health professionals throughout the state on mindfulness-based stress reduction.


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