Padua Teachers Gain Compassion from Mindfulness

Padua Teachers Gain Compassion from Mindfulness

“At any given time, a classroom teacher has a barrage of different questions, ideas, facts, deadlines and many other things swirling around in their mind.  Operating at that speed seems like it would be unsustainable, yet it is the reality of teachers.” -Mike Sheehan, Padua Academy Teacher

Teachers clearly have a lot on their minds even before considering the demanding challenges of their students. There is a lot for teachers to balance throughout every day at school. Some teachers at Padua have found a new way to help contain this feeling of chaos – through mindfulness!

The Impact

Three Padua teachers were kind enough to share their experience with mindfulness. Susan Burris, one of Padua’s teachers, shared that “Learning more about mindfulness has helped me to see that I already have all the tools I need to quiet my spirit and find peace within myself. By practicing my own mindfulness, I feel like my heart has opened to being more compassionate to my family, colleagues, and students.” 

Ryan Shelton expressed that, “Life is full of powerful emotions-both positive and negative. Meditation helps me feel these emotions completely without being overpowered so I can purposefully choose my path forward with a comprehensive understanding.”

Since being introduced to mindfulness, these teachers have become more compassionate, making it easier for them to positively interact with their students and colleagues. It has also taught them how to find peace within themselves. Mike Sheehan believes that “Mindfulness helped me to identify how locked into my own thought routine I had become, while also giving myself and my colleagues some space at work to decompress the business of our days. It made me a better teacher.”

Why Stop There?

Mindfulness has clearly made a difference in the lives of Padua’s teachers and we believe the impact should not stop there. To help reach more teachers and schools, Delaware Changing Lives created a training titled “The Mindfulness Classroom” which helps participants strengthen their own mindfulness practices and learn how to establish their classrooms as mindful environments.

If you are an educator and would like to experience the difference of a mindful classroom, please register for The Mindfulness Classroom training program. 

Thank you to Ryan Shelton for collecting the quotes for this blog post.

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