We Make Mindfulness Training Easily Accessible

Our goal is to help underserved populations and those who help them. We do this by focusing on:

  • Changing the payment paradigm from “fee for service” to “group rates”
  • Training professionals in mindfulness practices to reduce their own stress and burnout levels
  • Spreading mindfulness beyond those individuals to the people they serve and interact with in a ripple effect

We work with…

Creating a More Mindful Delaware… and World

Delaware Changing Lives is an initiative of GIFT Global, created as a gathering place for collaboration and action to advance mindfulness. We saw the potential Delaware has as a small, tight-knit community with leaders who share our positive vision.

Since 2016, we’ve collaborated with political leaders like US Senator Chris Coons, and Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long to plan how to spread our impact through the first state. We’ve also worked with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware, First Chance Delaware, DANA, Tapp Network, University of Delaware, Christiana Care, Kingswood Community Center and many, many more.

Our Impact in Delaware

Together we’ve trained 3,017 people in just over 1 year in schools, mental health, and nonprofits. Our goal in the next 5 years is to train 16,250 Delawareans, which will, in turn, impact up to 200,000 lives through family members, clients, and students.

Imagine the difference in Delaware if over 1/5 of our population were less stressed. If 200,000 of us suffered less from anxiety, addiction, and depression. If that many people gained improved self-awareness, stronger relationships, and increased focus in their work.

That vision of a better, more mindful world is what we see for Delaware. And after building a sustainable infrastructure here, expanding it to the rest of the world.


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