Nine-Year-Old Tiana Sirmans Explains How Mindfulness Can Help Stressed and Bullied Children

Nine-Year-Old Tiana Sirmans Explains How Mindfulness Can Help Stressed and Bullied Children

People of all ages can be prone to stress, even as young as our children in elementary school. That’s why 9-year old Tiana Sirmans took it upon herself to describe the stresses her classmates face, with solutions to help them handle it. As a junior reporter she wrote a detailed article covering this issue, and by using her voice she seeks to help improve the lives of children.

Bullying is a major culprit toward stress, according to Tiana. “It can cause students to be depressed and to be scared to go to school. When kids are picked on and teased all the time, it can also make the student feel alone and cause them to be stressed.” Schoolwork and difficult testing can be another problem that overwhelms young students. “Many kids do not like taking tests, or they just aren’t great at taking them, so they get very stressed when it’s time to take them.”

Many students are not equipped to handle these difficult emotions, so Tiana broke down several solutions her classmates should try. Meditation was among the techniques she endorsed, stating “Meditation helps teach students to relax and clear their minds throughout the day so they can focus on learning.” She also listed practices like regular exercise, healthy eating and getting plenty of rest.

Tiana’s Impressive Resume

Tiana has done fantastic work so far, and has future plans to start her own talk show and podcast to help kids. Her work isn’t going unnoticed, as she’s been selected as a student reporter for TIME For Kids, an honor received by only 10 students across the country. She also taken Red Carpet broadcasting classes at New York Fashion Week, and has even made several appearances on Good Morning America.

Thrive Global

Supporting Tiana is the organization Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s company that provides behavior change technology and media to individuals and organizations around the world with the mission of ending the stress and burnout epidemic. Tiana has contributed several articles for the company, seeking to help our stressed-out youth.

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