Mindfulness Training

A Self-Aware/Self-Care Approach

Delaware Changing Lives offers seven mindfulness training programs. Each program ranges from one to eight meetings that last from two to six hours. CEUs are provided for mental health professionals and educators.

Mindfulness training is for social workers, counselors, teachers, and any individuals who can benefit from reduced stress and trauma recovery. In other words, mindfulness training is for everyone. Your organization can benefit from improving employee’s self-awareness and providing self-care, which will also all them to better care for clients.

Program 1

Mindfulness-Based Wellness Education

This workshop introduces participants to mindfulness practices that are associated with wellness, mindfulness training programs available through Delaware Changing Lives, and training available through the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH).

Time/Duration: 1 Meeting, 3 Hours Long

Program 2

Establishing Your Mindfulness Practice

Participants will practice formal mindfulness skills via recordings, learn about ‘everyday mindfulness’ practices, and gain access to simple mindfulness tools.

Time/Duration: 4 Meetings (1 week apart), each 2 Hours Long

Program 3

The Mindfulness Classroom

Participants will strengthen their own mindfulness practices and learn how to establish their classrooms as mindful environments.

Time/Duration: 4 Meetings (1 week apart), each 2 Hours Long

Program 4

Mindfulness and Trauma

This program integrates education about the nature of trauma with mindfulness training that will help “helpers” to stay fully present when working with someone struggling with the effects of trauma.

Time/Duration: 4 Meetings (1 week apart), each 2 Hours Long

Program 5

Mindfulness Coaching

In order to help past participants in mindfulness training maintain their practices, a mindfulness teacher will visit periodically to meet with participants who have mindfulness practices and/or share those practices with the population they serve.

Time/Duration: Ongoing visits from a mindfulness teacher (generally once every two weeks) for a half-day or full day.

Program 6

Deepening Your Mindfulness Practice

This 1-day retreat, conducted mostly in deep silence and led by a mindfulness teacher with years of practice and teaching experience, will help participants to develop a mindful way of being in the world.

Time/Duration: 1 Meeting, 6 Hours Long

Program 7

Mindfulness-Based Wellness Education (MBWE)

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School by Jon Kabat-Zinn has helped thousands of people over the past four decades achieve greater strength and resilience in their medical and psychological health.

Time/Duration: 8 Meetings (1 week apart), each 2.5 Hours Long

If you are an individual interested in mindfulness training, please contact us.


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