Nellie Stokes Staff Gets Stoked for Mindfulness

Nellie Stokes Staff Gets Stoked for Mindfulness

Nellie Hughes Stokes Elementary School, in the Caesar Rodney School District in Delaware, strives to create an atmosphere where students are provided with a nurturing, safe and structured learning environment in which they are valued to take ownership of their learning.

In addition to academics, the staff aims to build character, foster creativity and encourage social skills that will last a lifetime for all of its students.

Mindfulness Training with Nellie Stokes Staff

That’s why the Nellie Stokes staff and leadership team contacted Delaware Changing Lives. With a goal of training over 40 staff members, the administration realized that being aware of their own mindfulness will enable their teachers to be proactive with their student’s mindfulness in the new school year. “Being mindful of yourself is just as important as it is for your students, and we hope to impact over 350 students this year.”

Staff members were introduced to relaxation techniques, self-awareness, being present, and more.

Mindfulness with Delaware Changing Lives

The mission of Delaware Changing Lives is to create a better, more mindful world. One of the ways we work toward this is by training professionals so that they can share mindfulness with the people they serve. Ultimately, creating a chain reaction of mindfulness education and awareness.

Think your organization could benefit from mindfulness training as well? Visit our training page for more information on the programs we offer.

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