Did You Know You Can be Trained in Mindfulness?

Did You Know You Can be Trained in Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has recently become a buzzword among many – and for a good reason. People’s lives are being changed for the better through mindfulness. With benefits such as reduced stress, better focus, and improved memory it makes sense why everyone is talking about it. But even with the popularization of mindfulness, many people still struggle to understand what exactly it is and how it can be incorporated into their lives. Delaware Changing Lives saw that people wanted to learn more about mindfulness but simply didn’t know where to start. That’s why they created GIFT Training.

Yes, you can be trained in mindfulness.

Delaware Changing Lives offers GIFT Training which has seven different programs designed to teach individuals and organizations the self-awareness / self-care approach. By adopting this approach, organizations are better able to care for their employees/clients/ students and should see improved wellness along with other benefits. Recently, Emily Vera of Mental Health Association in Delaware participated in one of the GIFT Training programs. Here is what she had to say about it:

“I was fortunate to have Jim Walsh come and speak with our staff about mindfulness over six weeks or so. We had such a great experience with Jim, learning about the simple yet powerful ways that mindfulness could help us control our reactions to stress, improve the way we treat one another, and bolster our own mental health even as we try to help others in the community.”

-Emily Vera, Mental Health Association in Delaware

Emily is just one of many who have gone through GIFT Training and experienced all the amazing benefits that mindfulness has to offer – both personally and professionally.

Delaware Changing Lives has a variety of programs to help social workers, counselors, teachers, administrators, staff, and even individuals learn the self-awareness / self-care approach. Whether you want to establish your own mindfulness practice, improve wellness, reduce stress or integrate mindfulness into your working environment – GIFT Training can help!

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