Mindfulness Training is Brought to 50 More Teachers

Mindfulness Training is Brought to 50 More Teachers

From 50 Education Professionals to 1,750 Students – a Mindfulness Trickle-Down Effect

With mindfulness proven to improve health and overall well-being, it will not only affect those who practice it but also the people around them. That’s why Gauger Cobbs Middle School were excited to have 50 education professionals partake in our Mindfulness-Based Wellness Education program with mindfulness trainer Breanna Banks.

Meet the Trainer

Breanna is the 4-H Healthy Living Program Coordinator for the state of Delaware and she coordinates the Walmart Healthy Habits grant and part of the SNAP-Ed grant in DE as part of her work to increase healthy diet and physical activity among at-risk and underserved youth across the state reaching over 5000 youth annually. She is also responsible for the leadership development of teens, UD students and adult volunteers hosting Train-the-Trainers for nutrition, fitness and mindfulness programs. She is passionate about mindfulness and its connection to holistic health and has co-authored the GEM: Get Experience in Mindfulness 4-H Curriculum as well as is conducting a research study on the topic of mindfulness and stress in youth. Breanna has formal training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Impact at Gauger Cobbs

This mindfulness training will not only improve the staff members’ lives, but also impact their students as well. When taking care of students, it is critical for educators to also take care of themselves. Mindfulness brings several benefits such as reduced stress and happier mood that will trickle down to positively impact Gauger Cobbs’ 1,750 students.

According to one attendee, “All the staff was actively engaged.” and “…I heard many great conversations.” Gauger Cobbs is even considering future trainings and facilitating student-led groups to continue spreading mindfulness throughout their student population.

Mindfulness Training with Delaware Changing Lives

Our mission at Delaware Changing Lives is to train professionals in mindfulness practices that reduces stress and burnout levels, as well as help professionals share mindfulness with the people they serve.

We are bringing this mission to life by training mindfulness to Gauger Cobbs teachers that will ultimately benefit hundreds of students.

Interested in learning how your organization can benefit from mindfulness training? Visit our Training Page to learn more.

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