Delaware Afterschool Network Completes Mindfulness Training

Delaware Afterschool Network Completes Mindfulness Training

The mission of Delaware Changing Lives is to create a better, more mindful world. One of the ways we work toward this is by training professionals so that they can share mindfulness with the people they serve. Ultimately, creating a chain reaction of mindfulness education and awareness.

Recently, Delaware Changing Lives had the opportunity to provide mindfulness training to The Delaware Afterschool Network. This network of champions advocates for high quality, affordable after school programs for Delaware’s children and youth.

The training, which occurred in August, had 13 after school professionals attend. They were introduced to relaxation techniques, self-awareness, being present, and more. Learning these skills benefits not only the professional attendees but also the children and colleagues they interact with on a regular basis. This group is now able to bring back what they’ve learned from this training to their work and community; helping to create a more mindful Delaware.

The training was so helpful that one attendee said they “Wanted more time to be in the moment!” We hope this is something more and more people get to experience because the benefits of mindfulness truly change lives.

Think your organization could benefit from mindfulness training as well? Visit our training page for more information on the programs we offer.

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