How School-Based Mindfulness Helps Students with Stress

How School-Based Mindfulness Helps Students with Stress

Whether it’s social anxiety, difficult schoolwork or a troubling homelife young students are just as prone to stress as anyone. Helping the youth cope with stress should be a priority for all school districts as it will increase students’ academic performance and more importantly their quality of life and overall well-being.

A recent article from ChildTrends explains how school-based mindfulness programs are proven to reduce student stress:

A growing body of research suggests that mindfulness interventions in schools can boost children’s ability to regulate emotions and manage their feelings of stress.

Mindfulness has been defined as an awareness of the present moment that allows for acceptance of feelings, thoughts, and sensations. Mindfulness exercises emphasize self-awareness and controlled breathing, and have been associated with improved self-regulation skills in children dealing with stress.

One evaluation examined a 12-week mindfulness intervention across several elementary schools. Researchers found that students who participated in the program, which included breathing exercises and yoga practice four times a week, showed significantly decreased problematic responses to stress (e.g., rumination, intrusive thoughts, and emotional arousal).

As mindfulness programs become more common, the evidence base in support of their effectiveness should continue to grow. One exciting new study launching in England involves more than 300 schools integrating mindfulness exercises into the school day over the next three years. The results of this study and others like it could provide critical guidance to schools looking for ways to effectively utilize mindfulness practices to improve student mental health.

The goal of Delaware Changing Lives is to train professionals in mindfulness practices and empower them to share mindfulness with the people they serve. Training school teachers is a cornerstone of the organization because mindful teachers ultimately benefits the students.

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