Delaware Changing Lives Partnered with DSAMH and NAMI DE to Empower More People with Mindfulness Tools & Techniques

Delaware Changing Lives Partnered with DSAMH and NAMI DE to Empower More People with Mindfulness Tools & Techniques

Our mindfulness training programs empower professionals with techniques to fully realize the benefits of mindfulness, as well as help them understand the practice so they can share it with the people they serve. Delaware Changing Lives is currently partnering with the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH) and NAMI Delaware to run a series of training covering different aspects of mindfulness. Topics range from anxiety to addiction, helping relationships, and self care.

Mindful Research

These trainings are an opportunity for attendees to learn about mindfulness, how it applies to a specific focus area, and practice techniques in a supportive environment with one of our qualified trainers. We asked attendees a series of questions before and after training to gauge how much they learned, how impactful the training was, and to give us ideas to keep improving!

Favorite Things About Mindfulness Trainings

Attendees told us their favorite things about the training included:

  • “Practicing breathing techniques and videos.”
  • “Being present and taking all the information in.”
  • “Listening to other’s experiences.”
  • “Stretching, journaling.”
  • “Techniques to take to patients.”

Key Takeaways from Mindfulness Training

We also asked what skills/techniques attendees would be able to use in their own lives after training had ended. Attendees’ answers included everything from “name it to tame it” to self compassion. A few answers were:


  • “Using mindfulness activities (breathing) with kids who are upset.”
  • “The singing bowl & resource share at the end especially the books.”
  • “Taking at least five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening to practice mindfulness.”
  • “The muscle relaxation technique.”
  • “Being present by tracing hand, clapping hand.”

Hearing such positive feedback and seeing how much people are learning is such a powerful inspiration for us to continue our work in spreading mindfulness and brain science. Interested in bringing mindfulness training to your organization? Visit our training page to see the programs we offer.

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